Building Change

This transformative and innovative building project will draw together all key services into one integrated precinct:

  1. Aged Care Facility   with 93 residential aged care beds.
  2. Supported Rooming House with 14 independent living studios to helps people transition into, or out from aged care.
  3. Expand our Hands on Health Clinic to facilitate the delivery of more allied health services.  
  4. A Community Hub to host and train our 1800 volunteers.  
  5. Redevelop our safe, open access Women’s House that provides services exclusively for women.

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Cost $18.89m

  • 93 private rooms with ensuite.
  • Specialist provider to people who have a history of chronic homelessness.
  • 33,945 safe and secure night’s sleep for our clients.
  • Ageing in place – improved facilities allow for clients’ needs as they age.
  • A place to call home for those who don’t fit into mainstream services.

Cost $1.95m

  • 14 independent living studios in new Rooming House with integrated services.
  • Home Care packages tailored to meet clients needs and facilitate independence.
  • Wide entry for residents to sit, watch and feel connected with the local community.
  • ‘Step up, Step down’ innovative model of care, preventing people from entering aged care prematurely.

Cost $490,000

  • Our unique clinic offer a place where welcome and care are as important as the therapy.
  • We currently offer 5,000 appointments a year by qualified therapists who volunteer their time.
  • We need to expand the capacity to cope with growing demand each year.
  • An extra consultation room will enable the delivery of 2,080 complimentary therapies each year.

Cost $1.03m

  • Extra counselling and sleep rooms and two multi-purpose activity rooms.
  • Support 6,000 attendances annually.
  • Building independence and confidence to re-engage in community and work life.
  • Supporting women access services such as legal, housing and financial tailored to their situation.

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